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Microwave Cake and Cookies November 5, 2008

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As I now live away from bakeries (thank goodness), I have time to explore my own baking again. I was going to buy an oven. But why??? When i can use my own microwave.
Last year I conquered the microwave cake. These last two weeks I have conquered sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies. While they don’t live up to how i make them from scratch and in the oven, they taste better than what you can find in Korea and in half the time. It only takes 1 minute to cook six at a time (which is the most i would recommend doing at one time) as opposed to 7 to 9 minutes for 12 in the oven.


8 Responses to “Microwave Cake and Cookies”

  1. Diana Says:


    I would love to get your microwave chocolate cake recipe. I too am in the same boat where I don’t have an oven and am limited to what I can cook in my home.

    As foreigners living in Korea, lets help each other out!!

  2. sweetkat Says:

    This is what I do. Just don’t tell people about the ingredients and they love the cake.

    I get one chocolate cake mix..from homeplus or megamart.
    The box usually comes with two. I get a ziploc container, medium sized. You can use large but then the cake isn’t as thick.
    I use chocolate cake mix and 1.5 cups of coke zero. The coke zero is to make the cake rise, and without oil or eggs is a bit healthier.

    I mix it all up and put it in the microwave for 6.5 minutes.
    Then i let it sit there for a few minutes. A little less if you want the cake moister and more if you prefer a drier cake.

    The cake mixes aren’t as sweet as back home, so I buy whipped cream from the bakeries and i cut the cake in half.
    Sometimes i put whipped cream and strawberries in the middle and on top. Sometimes i just put whipped cream. Then on the top i buy abc chocolates and scatter them around. FOr a birthday cake i put sprinkles on. Its a smaller cake but everyone loves it.
    One note, sometimes it sticks to the bottom.
    Its a good substitute, at least everyone I have served, minus my bf, likes it. He doesn’t like it because he knows coke zero is in it. If you dont’ let anyone know, they all love it.

  3. MicroMom Says:

    My daughter has just gone away to college and only has a microwave. Her stress level would dop damatically if she could make chocolate chip cookies. I can’t find a recipie anywhere! Can you hep?

  4. sweetkat Says:

    use a chocolate chip cookie mix, and put six on a plate and cook for two minutes. this is great for students because you don’t have to make a whole batch, you can freeze the rest and just use the dough as you need it.

  5. Hey everyone! I am just wondering if there is a way to make cookies from scratch (like these yummy sounding microwave cookies) and using flower and vanilla and stuff without cooking it. OUr power went out as we were making the batter and we need to finish. Or, can we have some jello (no bake)? My gal pals and i are making jello and cookies for a book club. MY power will be out for the next month or so.

    • sweetkat Says:

      look for no bake cookies. My favorite ones are peanut butter snowballs, a very common recipe and very delicious and quite simple to make. I blieve only three or four ingredients, peanut butter, coconut and rice krispies. theres antoher recipe which is good thats no bake but i forget the title, go to kraftkitchens.ca

  6. EASHA Says:

    i would love those recipes of yours! thank goodness they use a microwave and not an oven. i would love it if you could mail them to me at easha009@yahoo.com . you rock,
    {@$#@ (easha)

  7. Dian Bua Says:

    That’s awesome!!! I look for microwave oven for new house.I saw many web about this but your web is the best for me.Thank you.

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